The French Bee Bakery Review

Roasted Chicken Croissant @ The French Bee Bakery
Roasted Chicken Croissant @ The French Bee Bakery
Sherried Tomato Basil Soup & Chipolte Turkey Sandwich
Sherried Tomato Basil Soup & Chipolte Turkey Sandwich
Caramel Pecan Macaroon @ The French Bee Bakery
Caramel Pecan Macaroon @ The French Bee Bakery

QThe French Bee Bakery Logouietly situated in the bottom floor of the BE Smith building (at 87th & Renner) is a french bakery that’s cooking up tasty treats for your tummy. It’s called The French Bee, and they serve all sorts of pastries, baked goods, sweets, sandwiches, soups, and other light bites everyday from breakfast to late lunch (about 2-3pm-ish).

We were delighted to drive by and find the hours of business posted on the front door of The French Bee in late December 2014. So, we cleared our schedule for the following day and decided to pop in during the afternoon and give it a try.

As we walked through the door, we were immediately transported from the bitterly cold Winter weather to a warm and inviting space that exudes Metropolitan France decor from the creamy yellow walls to the wrought iron furniture. Tiny touches here and there, like the clocks that show you the current time in both Lenexa and France and the miniature effiel towers atop each table, indicate that great care and thought went into to creating this clean and comfortable eatery.

The first thing that caught my attention was the glass case brandishing a dozen or more baked items placed precisely upon immaculate white pedastals. We could have easily made a meal out of sweet treats and pastries alone, but we hadn’t eaten breakfast or lunch, so we decided to try a bit of everything.

We narrowed our options down to a manageable number of items, placed our order, and found a cozy table for 2 near the window. In a matter of minutes, the attendant brought our sandwiches & soup to the table, and we happily devoured it all.

We tried two different sandwiches – the Tuscan Chicken (served on a croissant for $7.50) and the Chipolte Turkey sandwich with Sherried Tomato Basil Soup (the combo was $11.50). Both sandwiches were crafted with fresh, high quality ingredients, and the soup had a luxourious taste and texture that left me contemplating a second bowl.

I decided against seconds and saved room for the desserts we selected. My first sweet treat was their Caramel Pecan Macaroon (a steal at $2.50), and once you try this gooey ball of coconut delight you will be craving it at all times of the day. Their French Butter Bar is another slice of heaven – imagine an Ooey Gooey Butter Cookie with a crisp shortbread bottom. In addition to these, we have also been back and tried their Cranberry Orange Scone ($3.00), Chocolate Croissant ($3.50), and Cinnamon Rolls ($3.00). Each one was fresh and magnificently delicious.

We have not tried their coffee or freshly brewed teas, but that is on our list for next time which will surely be soon.

Don’t let the lack of signage keep you away from The French Bee. If you can find your way to 87th & Renner, face south and the building will be in your line of sight (see our pics in the portfolio for a visual).

If The French Bee Bakery is a glimpse of what’s coming from the rest of the shops and businesses slated for Lenexa City Center, then the area is certainly due for its fair share of praise.

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