Cupid’s Gems Artisan Jewelry Show – Feb 7

Thompson Barn LenexaWhere would you find a Jewelry show in a barn?  Kansas, of course!

All joking aside, this was no ordinary jewlery show; and, it wasn’t held in an ordinary barn.   The venue was the Thompson Barn at 11184 Lackman Road (about 30 blocks south from Lenexa City Center).  Each year, the city of Lenexa hosts the Cupid’s Gems Artisan Jewelry show which is a juried event featuring a variety of original, one-of-a-kind, handmade jewelry (no imported or manufactured pieces).  This year, the weather was fantasticly encouraging for attendees, and when we arrived at 11am (only an hour after it started) the activity was in full swing.

There were about 10 vendors lining the main walkway on the ground floor, and even more vendors upstairs arranged in a circular pattern around the band.  The band was appropriately low-key and laid back; but, it’s a shame we couldn’t hear their music above the roar of the crowd.  We’ve never attended this event before, so it’s hard to say if the set up is the same as previous years’.

The jewelry types and styles ranged from simplistic, elegant, and clean to eclectic, gauwdy, and playful.  The price ranges also varied; however, most pieces appeared to be quite reasonable and worthy of their price tags.  The City of Lenexa did an excellent job on taking an posting pictures from the event on Pinterest and Flickr!

Here’s a list of the artists that were at the show:

  • Val Barth  –  Vintage & antiques
  • Julie Bloyd – Blown glass
  • Louise Carroll – Sterling silver, textile & copper
  • Kristin Cooper – Sterling silver & gemstones
  • Lisa Coyan – Custom
  • Kathie Duguid – Paper coils & scrolls
  • Brenda Eubanks – Hand-beaded southwestern
  • Gwen Green – Sterling silver, copper, brass & natural stones.
  • Mary Gress – Wooden & vintage beads
  • Char Hunt – Sterling silver, copper and niobium & brass.
  • Melinda Hutton – Buttons, cufflinks, buckles, typewriter keys, etc.
  • Marilyn Keck – Sterling silver & glass beads
  • Jana Kimberling – Metals, fiber, wire, enameled and found object mixed-media
  • Cecilia Labora – Glass beads, sterling silver, & crystals
  • Linda Laughlin – Sterling silver, gemstones, minerals, pearls, & glass
  • Marie Mathews – Vintage & antiques
  • Chelsea McKee – Lampwork beads
  • Nancy Overmyer – Gourd, buttons, upcycled pieces, vintage jewelry & natural objects
  • Paula Potter – Italian glass & sterling silver
  • Felicia Roth – Metal, semi-precious stones & crystals.
  • Barbara Sindo – Gemstones, crystal, glass, metal & wood.
  • Amy Smith – Reclaimed materials
  • Kenneth Stalder – Gems & rocks
  • Susan Terrell – Gemstones
  • Barbara Thomas-Whitaker – Metal, beads, bead crochet, wire, natural stones & fiber
  • Timmi Uhlich – Glass & crystals
  • Julie Van Hoecke – Enamel, fine silver, semi-precious stones & wire jewelry
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